Are you trying to source API´s, fine chemicals or industrial cleaning agents with high technical specifications? Are you frustrated that nobody is listening to you, because the product volumes are too small, or the products are too difficult? Perhaps you have an analytical problem with a special matrix?

I am happy that you have come to our website as we have solved many technical problems in the past decades, from small to large volumes, and we have not hesitated to develop and analyse products in close cooperation with our customers.

We take our brand Ferak - The art of making purity very seriously as we are dedicated to chemistry and are keen on delivering molecules which meet the highest specifications. Our aim is to understand your needs and to create high value products for you based on a long term cooperation.

Our GMP and ISO 9001 certified site enables us to make a wide range of products as we are allowed to manufacture compounds with LD50 values down to 1 mg/kg.

In a world of moving markets it is a great challenge to offer our services completely independently and flexibly. Experience the service of a privately owned company and a dedicated team with more than 60 years of expert knowledge of successful chemical development and production.

Thomas Gründemann


So please follow me …

Our Services

Reaction Capabilities

Our multi-purpose plant offers products of a unique quality in combination with a well maintained equipment.

Research & Development

Based on decades of experience, we are proud to confirm that we are able to develop any kind of API or fine chemical custom-tailored according to your needs.

Analytical Services

Our analytical Center of Excellence is dedicated to the testing as well as to the final release of both our products and raw materials according to SOP.